What’s your teacher story? [x]

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frank and alice were well respected aurors

aka accomplished, working badasses

not pansy ass toads sorry trevor frogs

check yourself

and also enough with this shit about alice being unfaithful

like do you think augusta would have spoken so highly of a girl who did her precious son wrong like that and continued to have her taken care of in st. mungo’s like she did if she’d been cheating on frank?

no i didn’t think so jeez


Teacher Stories From Teach: “The teacher I remember most was Mr. Bechtel. I had him in 11th grade for U.S. History. He told stories. It wasn’t just dates and terms. Also he treated us like people, not like children. Thank you Mr. Bechtel.” - Joseph Gordon-Levitt [x]

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… like a pig for slaughter.

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Clemence Poesy by Mason Poole

“A book can teach you, a conversation can assure you, a poem can seduce you, a genius can inspire you but only you can save yourself.”

Anthony Anaxagorou